International Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Management

July 29-31, 2015  Okinawa, Japan




2015 Okinawa Program


Keynote Speaker: Dr.Eun Jin Hwang
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, USA

“Connecting with Consumers via Social Networking”

• Social Media & Fashion Industry
• Social Media Adoption among U. S. Specialty Retailers
• Top 10 Fashion Brands on YouTube & Twitter
• Fashion Retailers & Social Media
• Mostly Socially Devoted Industries on Facebook
• Luxury Fashion Brands
• Top 10 Fashion Brands by # of Users “Talking About This”
• Daily Time Spent with Online Activities in U.S.
• Total UK Mobile Audience Accessing Social Media
• Demographics of Consumers Who Have Made a Purchase Influenced by Social Media
• Percent of Trend-Setting Women Whose Purchases are Influenced by Social Media
• Why Like a Fashion Fan Page?
• Women VS Men
• What Motivates People to Make a Purchase?
• What Do Customers Want from Fashion Retailers via Social Media?
• Key trends
• What is Social Media?
• Social Media vs. Traditional Media
• Why Social Media?
• Impact of Social Media on Fashion
• Opportunity #1: Drive in-store traffic through online promotions
• Opportunity #2: Encourage people to interact with you.
• Opportunities #3: Encourage sales by making online reviews available in-store.
• Opportunity #4: Simplify and expand the research of customer recommendations.
• Opportunity #5: Make customers the best salespeople
• Opportunity #6: Enable new shared shopping experiences.
• Opportunity #7: Bring the in-store experience online
• Opportunity #8: Go to where people are
• Threats