2017 Best Paper Award



1. Full paper submission online before April 07, 2017
2. Registration payment before April 07, 2017

Submission should be peer-reviewed and accepted to be eligible for Award consideration. The Award Committee will select best paper and materpiece paper(s) among accepted full paper submission. The winner(s) will be presented with a ceritificate along with the prize at the conference.

Full Paper Submission Deadline: April 07, 2017
Registration Deadline: April 07, 2017
Award Announcement: early May, 2017

Note: Submission not uploaded and registered before deadline above is not qualified for the paper competition. Authors shall prepare their manuscript(s) earlier and complete the payment in time.


Best Paper Winner, prized USD 200 each paper

Masterpiece papers, awarded USD100 each paper

Selection Criteria

Originality and Creativity
(a) Theoretical development
(b) Empirical results
(c) Policy development

Research & Theoretical Framing 

(a) Clear and precise problem statement and/or the objective(s) of the designed system
(b) Appropriate and adequate literature review on related technologies and technological solutions, and to establish the basic theoretical rooting of the design


(a) Scientific/technical significance of the topic or problem investigated (urgency, impact, etc.);
(b) Usefulness of the paper to practicing information professionals (applicability, timeliness, scope, problem-solving value, etc.)
(c) Relevance of the topic or problem to the interests of power and energy.

Quality of Argument

(a) Critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings
(b) Consistency and coherency of debate


No refund will be issued.